a for agile

We are devoted to helping people learn, think, and create better.

We endeavour to record, study, and promote their living heritage and identity. We undertake research on the functions and values of their cultural expressions and practices.

We develop solutions to ease them through our times.

d for development

We create digital products, provide UX design services and organise industry events and workshops.

We work across business, technical, visual and marketing levels, to ensure that the final product experience does not degrade because of politics, budgets and strong personalities.

We think hard and play even harder, not only from a design perspective, but on project management and engineering aspects, mitigating risk for you (and us).

ax for analogue

em for digital

elektronik meditation at wiad

By the River performed by Elektronik Meditation

Elektronik Meditation will be joining us at World IA Day Greece on February 15th 2014, for a exclusive appearance at the Apollon Theatre in Hermoupolis, Syros

Elektronik Meditation is an experimental project by Jannis Anastasakis and Deniz Angelaki. Jannis is considered to be in a league of his own as a guitar player in Greece. His unique, in-depth approach to the guitar as an ambient sound generator, and his extended use of analog effects and synths, results in a very personal sound that takes his music from ambient to psychedelic and off-limits to new territory! All sounds and music are produced live.

Deniz is using colour as a means of expression, along with a camera documenting every moment and detail that is taking place on the canvas. With a special projection technique, she offers incredible attention to detail and creates a unique ambiance, providing a visual extension to the music of Jannis Anastasakis.

The World IA Day appearance of Elektronik Meditation will feature Andreas Polyzogopoulos on trumpet and Nikos Sidirokastritis on drums.

Adesso che il fumo cancella l'estate e il grigio ritorna scendendo su noi, la lunga vacanza si chiude per sempre pure qualcosa di noi resterà


Un Cuento para Voz, Piano y Baile danced by Yiota Peklari, performer, choreographer and teacher at the Playground and the Akropoditi Dance Centre in Syros

winter mix

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