a for agile

We are devoted to helping people learn, think, and create better.

We endeavour to record, study, and promote their living heritage and identity. We undertake research on the functions and values of their cultural expressions and practices.

We develop solutions to ease them through our times.

d for development

We create digital products, provide UX design services and organise industry events and workshops.

We work across business, technical, visual and marketing levels, to ensure that the final product experience does not degrade because of politics, budgets and strong personalities.

We think hard and play even harder, not only from a design perspective, but on project management and engineering aspects, mitigating risk for you (and us).

ax for analogue

em for digital

WIAD Badge

invitation to wiad

World IA Day Greece will be hosted on February 15th 2014 at the Apollon Theatre in Hermoupolis, Syros

Our event theme is how we can use experience design to make the world a better place. This theme is further specialised into the following topics:

  • Cross-channel UX – providing an experiential continuity through different channels and devices
  • UX beyond business – improving life quality around the world and achieve sustainability by design
  • Pervasive UX – information architecture in conjunction with computation, interaction and the physical world
  • Show don’t tell or tell don’t show? – presentation choices that insight discovery
  • Emergent changes – what are the trends and wicked problems of today and tomorrow that will impact what we do

To explore this theme, we have invited software, graphic, product, sound, stage designers and technologists that are re-defining the way people experience a typical day at the office, a visit to the museum, a stroll in the park, a game, a concert or dance performance. Experience builders.

But this is not all. We want you to be a part of it. Do you have a project you are working on that is relevant to the event central theme and topics? Do you have a concept you would like our invited speakers and global audience to hear about?

Now is the time to let us know! Send us an email (info@axem.gr with subject WIAD) before January 31st with an overview of the project work or concept you would like to present (in pdf, blog, gallery or other digital format) and a motivation letter. The presentation format will be either a 5-minute lightning talk or an exhibition at the Apollon Theatre foyer, so do not forget to mention your preference in your motivation letter.

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