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Cultural Service Design is the application of established design processes to the development of cultural services catered for a specific audience. It is a creative and practical way to improve existing cultural services using the following skills:

  • Graphic Design: in posters, brochures, books, packaging, general print and audiovisual cultural applications.
  • Information Design: in signage and wayfinding systems, forms, directories and labels.
  • Interaction Design: in the application of the above Graphic Design and Information Design skills to interactive phygital or digital cultural products.

Readiness in catering for an Asian audience, including but not exclusive to Chinese visitors coming to the EU through the main entry hubs (airports, ports and marinas) could include the following actions, led by the appropriate stakeholder / action leaders:

  1. Extensive transliteration of main place names, utility names and expressions, when not already available.
  2. Selective icon design, when transliteration display is not an option for aesthetic, practical or cultural considerations.
  3. Selective character design and font foundry, when tailor-made communication systems are preferable for branding considerations.
  4. Selective phygital and digital cultural product design and development, when physical applications of the above (e.g. replacement of existing signage systems with new Asia-ready or China-ready signage systems) are not feasible, practical or viable.