On OKRs and KPIs

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Databox is the #1 data visualisation tool on G2. Why?

Databox supports over 70 direct integrations with popular SaaS, including Salesforce, HubSpot, Eventbrite, Mailchimp, Jira, Bitbucket, business accounts on all social media and every major analytics suite.

Databox allows to further extend these integrations through Zapier, connecting with over 650 additional SaaS, including our very own ArtifaxEvent integration.

As a Databox Premier Partner, we can work with you towards better performance management through an OKR goal setting process, design databoards that calculate and display metrics from different data sources to track your corresponding KPIs and get a complete overview of your performance at a glance.

The OKR goal setting process is perfect for startups focused on growing fast, or scaling firms looking to add structure to their organisation. By creating concise, readable and shared references for each team committing to specific objectives and measurable results, every team member can see what everyone else is working on, increasing engagement in the process.
Ad Axem can assist you in implementing flexible, growth-focused OKR tracking for all your teams and individual team members, which can be further customised by you, without any coding, to fit whatever process makes sense in the future.

Using Databox filtering, grouping and search functionalities, you will be able to track your OKR goals by iteration, quarter or any other selected period, follow your key results by percent attainment, create different views for each team or individual so everyone can easily zoom in on exactly what matters to them, receive alerts and insights on your desktop, mobile app, office TV or Apple Watch.

Finally, as seasoned agile practitioners, we will help you seamlessly introduce these new tools to your lean methodology, enriching your retrospectives with embedded Databox content, adding text and images to databoards to provide further context, explaining actions and sharing interpretations inline as comments.