Web Apps 101

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Web applications should bring significant operational efficiencies and cost savings to an organisation, resulting in task automation and business process streamlining, improving your internal communications and enabling the entire organisation to access the data they need, when they need it. Using these web applications will save you time and money, leaving your staff free to focus on what they do best.


Designing web applications that are both effective and customisable should not be a trade off. Software can be highly powerful, yet as simple to configure as it is to use. Web application designers will work closely with you to gain the understanding required to fine tune your usage of their product as your business requirements evolve.


Web application developers should have a wealth of experience in writing and supporting their software across a variety of specialised markets. They should employ staff from the industries they serve, with firsthand knowledge of the issues you face. These web application developers will be just another member of your team.


Web applications should feature hand-picked functionality that values how important reporting is in running an effective business. Capture data in a fast and intuitive way, make sure that it is visualised just as easily, get it back out with the minimum of effort. It must be as simple as that.